“Alex was one of the most selfless human beings I’ve ever met. He consistently put the interests of others above his own.”

– Chris Kim, Alex’s friend

Alex was already an amazing person before he got sick. But after he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, it went to another level – somehow the darkness of the adversity became a way for his light to shine even more.

When friends would come to visit in the hospital, no matter how he was feeling, he always found a way to give them a smile and often ended up being the one who comforted them. When doctors were out of options and recommended his final two weeks be spent in hospice, Alex’s response was “Mom’s not ready, so I have to keep fighting” – he hung on for six more months through the worst of the treatments, prolonging the inevitable, just knowing his mom wasn’t ready to let him go yet.

Even after Alex passed, he still had one more gift for his mom – his beloved dog, a Shibu Inu named Hugo, who came home to be by her side.

Hugo represents everything we want the Alex Cho Foundation to be:
Being there for family no matter what.

If your family has been affected by cancer, we know there are no words anyone can say in this difficult time. Our prayer is that this foundation can be like Hugo for you and your family – walking with you in the midst of the struggle, and by your side through it all.